Thingiverse, Sharing Digital Designs For Physical Objects


Zach Hoeken and Bre Pettis have just launched Thingiverse, a place to share digital designs for physical objects. Fred Benenson of Creative Commons wrote about their various of licensing options, referring to Thingiverse as “Flickr for the Maker set”.

Thingiverse is a place for you to share your digital designs with the world. We believe that just as computing shifted away from the mainframe into the personal computer that you use today, digital fabrication will share the same path. Infact, it is already happening: laser cutters, cnc machines, 3D printers, and even automated paper cutters are all getting cheaper by the day. These machines are useful for a huge variety of things, but you need to supply them with a digital design in order to get anything useful out of them. We’re hoping that together we can create a community of people who create and share designs freely, so that all can benefit from them.

photo by Nick Farr

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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