The YouTube Insult Generator, a YouTube Comment Search Engine

YouTube Insult Generator by Adrian Holovaty

YouTube Insult Generator by Adrian Holovaty

The YouTube Insult Generator by Adrian Holovaty is a hilarious search engine that sifts through YouTube comments for insults. Choose a term and the search engine combs through related YouTube videos for relevant insulting comments. Try dogs and cats or love and hate.

This is a basically a “search engine for insults.” Type in a search term, and it’ll give you insults you can use against a person who doesn’t like that term.

For example, enter “the godfather,” and it’ll give you “You sleep with the fishes,” “You sleeps with horsehead in bed” and “You will get an offer you can’t refuse.” Enter “alfred hitchcock” and it’ll say “You had your eyes plucked out by crows” and “You have Vertigo.” Enter “mario brothers” and it’ll say “You aren’t Super enough for Mario,” “You can’t beat world 1-1” and “You are bowser.” You get the idea.

It finds stuff only about 50% of the time, but it works surprisingly well when it does work. Try general terms (“car”) and pop culture (“michael jordan”, “i love lucy”). Each insult includes a link to its source YouTube video.

via Hacker News