The Web Disruptors at the Forbes Internet Forum in Cancun


Violet Blue and Robert Scoble are currently in Cancun, Mexico representing the blogosphere at the Forbes Internet Leadership Forum. Earlier today, Violet and Robert, along with Rich Jenkins (MSN Money) and Greg Bartalos (Yahoo! Finance), participated in “The Web Disruptors” panel moderated by Paul Maidment (Forbes). They expressed very different viewpoints from a blogger’s perspective to a room full of business executives. Here’s Violet’s write-up. Violet mentions my Spontaneous Microsponsorships experiment at SXSWi 2007 (Thanks for the shout-out!).

Robert is often invited to these kinds of events, but it was great to see Forbes extend an invitation to my good friend Violet, who is well outside the echo chamber. Both bloggers are controversial in their own way and are not afraid to speak their mind, so hopefully, they shook things up a bit, while enjoying their beautiful surroundings.




Violet has also been posting some great photos from Cancun. Robert will be uploading some later as well.

UPDATE: Robert’s photos are now online.

photos by Violet Blue