The Walking Dead-Themed Group Art Show at Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles

Walking Dead POV by Paul Shipper

Walking Dead POV” by Paul Shipper

The Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles is celebrating AMC’s The Walking Dead with a group art show featuring original artwork on the theme of the post-apocalyptic TV series. The show is currently on display and will run until Saturday, October 26, 2013. Prints of the work being presented is available to purchase online from Hero Complex Gallery.

A horde of Hero Complex Gallery’s favorite artists are dancing with the dead, bringing to life the loved, hated, and oftentimes feared characters of this worldwide television phenomenon. Complicated leader, Rick Grimes, the dark and mysterious katana-wielding Michonne, and Southern bad boy turned good, Daryl Dixon, are just a few of the iconic characters of this series that are portrayed in paintings, prints, and sculpture.

Love at First Bite by Glen Brogan

Love at First Bite” by Glen Brogan

The Long Way Home by JJ Harrison

The Long Way Home” by JJ Harrison

The Rescue by JC Richard

The Rescue” by JC Richard

Hero Complex Gallery Celebrates AMC's The Walking Dead

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