Bewildered Man Finds Himself Looking For Existential Answers From a Rather Talkative Talking Tree

In the wonderfully surreal short film “The Talking Tree” by Stefan Hunt and Matthew Webb, a young man (Eka Darville of Jessica Jones) was cutting through Central Park on a snowy day when he heard a voice calling out to him. The man turns around and is astonished to find that he’s talking to a rather talkative tree (voiced by John Ventimiglia from The Sopranos.

Before the conversation can get anywhere, however, the credits start rolling. The man pushes the titles card back for a bit in order to give himself time to ask the profound existential questions one would ask of a talking tree. Rather than getting the clarity he feels he needs however, the poor guy is stuck, more bewildered than before.

The Talking Tree is an off-beat short comedy film written and directed by Stefan Hunt and produced by Matt Webb. It stars Eka Darville (Jessica Jones, Empire) who plays a man searching for purpose alongside John Ventimiglia (Blue Bloods, The Sopranos) an endearing claymation-faced tree who appears to have all the answers.

via Vimeo Staff Picks