The Space Between, Short Story Fiction About Bridges by John Law

The Space Between

Laughing Squid head of “special projects” John Law has just made his literary debut with “The Space Between”, a new book of short story fiction focusing on John’s obsession with bridges. It’s being published by Furnace Press, an independent publisher started by the Brooklyn arts groups Ars Subterranea and Place in History.

“The Space Between” is a collection of three stories inspired by the author’s lifelong obsession with bridges. An avid urban adventurer and bridge historian, the author shares his passion for these engineering marvels while delving into their potential to fuel our dreams, fears, and nightmares. Part dreamscapes, part adventure tales, these narratives take the reader on an exploration of bridges to inspire contemplation on a structural as well as metaphysical level.

A release party for “The Space Between”, including a book reading and bridge slide show by John, is taking place on Tuesday, December 9th at Proteus Gowanus in Brooklyn. It will be followed by a reading and slide show on March 5th at City Lights Books in San Francisco.