The SLOMO Video Festival

The Slomo Video Festival

The SLOMO Video Festival, which features 100 one minute slow motion videos, is having its Premiere and Slowdance Party this Saturday, May 20th at Lobot Gallery in Oakland. The festival is produced by San Francisco video artist and one-man-media-machine Ryan Junell, who is a co-organizer of Webzine. Here are a few sample videos from the festival.

SLOMO VIDEO is 100 one minute slow motion videos by 85 filmmakers and video artists from around the world. The video festival will swerve into cinemas around the world, transubstantiate time into taffy, and turn the usual expectations of a video show on its side and inside out. This unique compilation of cinematic slowness will pull the audience through a molasses-tinged warp of catastrophic visual and audio beauty.