The Pool by David Normal

The Pool

“The Pool” is the latest oil painting by our good friend David Normal, an animator and surrealist painter based in San Francisco.

David describes his inspiration behind the painting:

This is my newest painting “The Pool”. I had the initial idea for it when I went out with some friends to see a turtle derby in Los Angeles in the summer of 2005. Perhaps the large rectangular ring set up as a racing rink for turtles suggested the cubic bath central to the composition. I’m not sure. Besides – I never saw any racing turtles – the atmosphere of the club was unbearable – a college frat scene pick up joint – so I just hid in a corner since I didn’t like it. I amused myself by making the preliminary sketch for this painting. Since that time I have worked on the painting off and on until finally I have completed it – three and a half years later.

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Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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