The Palm Sized, Easy to Fly JetJat Ultra Nano Camera Drone

JetJat Ultra in Hands

JetJat Ultra by MOTA is a palm-sized, easy-to-fly nano camera drone with features like one-touch take-offs and landings, throw-to-fly, and the ability to live stream the camera feed directly to a smartphone. The drone fits inside its own controller to charge, and can fly up to five minutes on a single charge. It can even work with a virtual reality headset for POV flight.

The easiest drone to fly on the planet is the JetJat Ultra Nano Drone! Simply click a button to take off, maintain altitude, and land like a pro with the auto-land feature. Built to fit right inside of its controller for easy transport, and set up to live stream the camera feed to your phone, you can get an incredible first-person view from anywhere.

JetJat White With Family

JetJat White

JetJat Ultra Controller

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