The New York Public Library Releases More Than 180,000 Digitized Items Into the Public Domain

NYPL Public Domain Visualizer

The New York Public Library has released more than 180,000 digitized items into the public domain. Users can freely browse the digital collection using a visualization tool that allows them to quickly scan hundreds of years worth of content. The collection includes maps, art, books, sheet music, photographs, menus, and more.

The NYPL has also created several tools utilizing the collection including the “Mansion Maniac” game where users can walk around the floor plans of mansions, and a “Street View” tool that compares modern New York City with its 1911 counterpart.

White House, Lawn front.


Brooklyn, Vol. 1, 2nd Part, Double Page Plate No. 49;

Bowling Green, New York, 1845.

images via New York Public Library