The New Redesigned Digg Version 4 Is Now Live

Kevin Rose has announced that the new redesigned Digg version 4 is now live.

Here’s a bit of what you can expect on the new Digg:

Speed – the new Digg is faster in every way: submitting articles, loading pages, and Digging content.

Personalization – we put a lot of thought into how people consume news and wanted to make it easy to view content from the friends, publishers, and influencers you care about. Once you start following your friends, and sources you trust, we’ll build a custom news homepage for you called “My News”. Customizing Digg will enable you to see your friend’s recent Digg or Comment, as well as the latest article submitted by a publisher.

Friends & sharing – the new Digg is all about making it easy to see the stories your friends are Digging and commenting on, and to share interesting stories with them. You’ll notice activity from the profiles you’re following highlighted in stories, on comment pages, and even on their profile page as you navigate the site. Attach your blog or RSS feed to your profile and send your followers content as you create it.