The Muppets ‘Pigs in Space’ Returns With Its First New Episode in Over 20 Years

The popular Pigs in Space series from The Muppet Show has returned with its first new episode in over 20 years. In the episode, Captain Link Hogthrob falls ill and gives birth to a new member of the crew in an homage to Alien.

New episodes of Pigs in Space will premiere on the official Muppets YouTube channel, and the next episode is a parody of Gravity titled “The Gravity of the Situation.”

At long last, the legendary S.S. Swinetrek returns in the first all-new episodes of the epic “PIGS IN SPACE” saga in more than 20 years! Join First Mate Piggy, Captain Link Hogthrob, and Dr. Julius Strangepork as they match wits with an annoying alien stowaway who really knows how to get under your skin.

via Nerdist

Glen Tickle
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