The Crew of ‘The Muppet Show’ Hilariously Perform as Themselves Without Any Muppets in a 1976 Episode

The Muppet Show Crew 1976

The crew from The Muppet Show put on the show as themselves in at the end of the first season in 1976. They sang the opening song, made the introduction and some of their most iconic recurring slapstick scenarios were done without a single muppet to be found (except for two in the back at the end).

A little bit of fun by the crew recorded at the end of the first series/season of The Muppet Show in 1976…The crew/cast includes Peter Harris, Richard Holloway, Jim O’Donnell, Brian Grant, Steve Springford, Jerry Hoare, Phil Hawkes, Gerry Elms, John Rook, Martin Baker, Sue Boyers, Francis Essex, Dennis Bassinger, David Chandler, Bryan Holgate, Peter Milic, Claude Walters, Tony Swain and the ladies from the Canteen.