The Mover Kit, A Wearable Device That Children Can Build and Code Themselves

Mover Kick on Child's Wrist

The Mover Kit is a wearable device that children can build and code themselves. The device was created by Technology Will Save Us to encourage kids to learn coding skills while still staying active through play. Children can program the Mover Kit to create a variety of different inventions using the device’s built-in rainbow LEDs, motion sensor, compass, accelerometer, and magnetometer.

The company is raising money for the Mover Kit through a Kickstarter campaign with discounted kits and other rewards offered to backers.

Mover Kit Pieces

Mover Kit Child Assembling

Mover Kit Illustrated Parts

Mover Kit Iron Man Arc Reactor

Mover Kit Slap Bracelet

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips