The Incredible Rescue of a Scared Young Leopard Who Had Fallen Into a 60-Foot Well in Junnar, India

A young female leopard in Junnar, Mahashtra India who had fallen into a 60-foot well, was rescued by a skilled and determined team from India Wildlife SOS. The group had lowered a bundle of grass held by ropes, onto which the drowning, terrified feline could cling while they fashioned a sturdy box, which ultimately lifted her out of the water and onto dry land.

In a three hour long daring rescue operation carried out by the WildlifeSOS team along with Forest Department, a three year old female leopard was rescued from a 60 feet deep well in a village in Junnar, Maharashtra. After conducting a thorough physical examination, the leopard was released back into its natural habitat.

via National Geographic, Digg