The Great Debate: Star Trek vs Star Wars, Which is Better?

The great tongue-in-cheek Star Trek vs. Star Wars “which is better” debate began with Star Trek actor William Shatner proudly stating in a September 2011 interview that Star Wars was just “special effects” and that Star Trek was about “humanity” and “relationships”. Later, Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher responded to Shatner and chimed in with her button-pushing thoughts in her own video. That spawned a video response from Shatner to “skinny little” Carrie Fisher who again defends Star Trek. Now, Star Trek actor George Takei asks for “star peace” between Shatner and Fisher in his own video response to the debate and asks them to come together to “rid the world of vampire menace”, Twilight. Not willing to leave well enough alone, Shatner responds to Takei and says “retribution must be paid”. We look forward to see where this debate goes next.

In order, here are the debate videos: