The Glaucus, An Open-Source Quadrupedal Soft Robot With No Hard Mechanical Parts

The Glaucus is an open-source quadrupedal soft robot from Super-Releaser Robotics that includes no hard mechanical parts with a seamless rubber skin. The soft robot, which is named after the blue sea slug (Glaucus atlanticus), manages to move thanks to the inflation of chambers that bend and deform the silicone when pressurized. Once the molds are made via 3D printing, the rest of the robot is created by pouring mixed materials into them. The full instructions on how to create the Glaucus are available on Adafruit’s website.

Glaucus Mold
The Glaucus Outline

Glaucus Mold
The Glaucus Mold

Glaucus Soft Robot
The Glaucus

images via Matthew Borgatti

via Adafruit Learning System