The Fizzary, A Soda Pop & Candy Shop in San Francisco

The Fizzary

Tienlon Ho of The Bold Italic visited The Fizzary, a soda pop and candy shop located in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood. Co-owned by Aaron Dolson and Taylor Peck, this retro store sells old-fashioned candy and hand-crafted soda. They also make their own line of soft drinks and are planning to host craft-brewing classes in the future.

…The Fizzary’s interior is an eclectic mishmash of wood, brass, soda and candy, bringing to mind the sort of dispensary you might have seen during the Gold Rush – if the chemists were sugar addicts.

Old-school candies overflow from steel washtubs and Ball canning jars. There’s saltwater taffy (25 cents a piece or from $3 a quarter pound) made by a Utah family that’s used the water from the Great Salt Lake for so long that the once lakeside factory is now two miles away from the shoreline. Behind the register are glass apothecary jars filled with the spices and dried herbs flavoring many varieties of the main attraction – soda pop…

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff