The Feast’s World’s Fare, A Global Dinner Party to Change the World

The Feast is an organization that “gathers remarkable innovators from across industries to engage each other in creating world-shaking change”. In 2012, The Feast is presenting an initiative titled The World’s Fare which is a series of global dinner parties all held on October 5, 2012 at 7 PM ET, the final day of The Feast Social Innovation Conference in New York City. On the following day, October 6, The Feast is then hosting a giant public pavilion in New York City to bring together the creative community to celebrate innovation. The Feast is inviting people to participate in The World’s Fare by either hosting a dinner for six or more friends or contributing to their fundraising campaign on Kickstarter.

The goal is simple: break bread and by the end of dinner, collectively decide on one thing you all can collaborate on to improve the world (whether it’s renovating the park or supporting an effort to redefine an industry!)

As these dinners take place across the globe and conference attendees workshop throughout that day, we’ll collect all of the ideas that emerge on a dedicated website.

The Feast

via The Feast