The Fascinating Process of Making Bialys at the Oldest Bialy Bakery in the United States

Bialy, a Yiddish word short for bialystoker kuchen from Bialystok. …Unlike a bagel, which is boiled before baking, a bialy is simply baked, and instead of a hole in the middle it has a depression. (via Wikipedia)

Kossar’s Bakery, the oldest bialy bakery in the United States, has been baking up bialy goodness on Grand Street in New York City’s Lower East Side for the past 80 years and has no intention of slowing down. Recently, Kossar’s reopened to great fanfare after remodeling. Both NBC New York and Eater visited the bakery to learn how they make their signature goods.

One of the best places to get an authentic bialy in New York City is Kossar’s on the Lower East Side. If you’ve never had a bialy before, it’s the place to visit for your first; then, you’ll be ready to choose a side in the eternal battle between bagels and bialys for best breakfast bread.

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