The Earth’s Seven Billion People Represented All on One Web Page

7 billion world

7 Billion World is a site created by Worldometers, and shows all seven billion people in the world on one web page. The page is about one mile high and 800 feet wide, and records the impressive milestone reached on October 31st, 2011 at 5:49:16 GMT. The web page displays icons for each person on the planet, which breaks down into 4,221,013,428 people in Asia, 1,056,035,237 people in Africa, 947,209,798 in the Americas, 738,356,924 in Europe, and 37,384,613 in Oceania.

We believe that this special webpage carries strong philosophical, symbolic, and aesthetic attributes.
Even the mathematics behind the implementation of this page is deeply fascinating.

7 Billion people so beautifully displayed together on a single webpage is a visual testament of the human condition of every single one of us, and all of us together, on our planet earth.
It is available on the internet for everybody in the world to watch at any time, adding to the feeling of sharing something in common.

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