The Darwin Manuscripts Project, An Ongoing Effort to Transcribe & Share Scientific Work of Naturalist Charles Darwin

Darwin Manuscripts Project

The Darwin Manuscripts Project at the American Museum of Natural History has released “the world’s first and only large collection of full color, high-resolution images of faithfully transcribed Darwin manuscripts.” The project designed to share the work of famed naturalist Charles Darwin is ongoing with frequent additions of new material.

In these documents, you can trace the development of Darwin as a thinker and you will meet Darwin as a keen-eyed collector, an inspired observer, and a determined experimenter. You will also find Darwin the shrewd reader, attuned to his cultural context, and the strategic writer, ever reconsidering and revising.

The AMNH Darwin Manuscripts Project is a historical and textual edition of Charles Darwin’s scientific manuscripts, designed from its inception as an online project. The database at its core—DARBASE—catalogues some 96,000 pages of Darwin scientific manuscripts. These are currently represented by 16,094 high resolution digital images. Thus far 9,871 manuscript pages have been transcribed to exacting standards and all are presented in easy to read format.

Volunteers and interns are invited to train to work on the project at the Research Library at the museum.

Darwin Manuscripts Project

images via Darwin Manuscripts Project

via American Museum of Natural History, io9