The Cube, An Environmentally Friendly Micro House

The Cube

photo via The Cube Project

The Cube

photo by Allan MacDonald

The Cube is a micro house that is designed to have the lowest environmental impact while providing all the modern comforts of home. With just 27 cubic meters of interior volume, the Cube must be space as well as energy efficient–even the stairs have been redesigned with efficiency in mind. The house is the brainchild of Dr. Mike Page of the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. Dr. Page shows off the house in this video tour.

Constructed from a variety of sustainable materials, the Cube provides everything that a single person (or two friendly people) might need. Within its 27 cubic metres it includes a lounge, with a table and two custom-made chairs, a small double bed (120cm wide), a full-size shower, a kitchen (with energy-efficient fridge, induction hob, re-circulating cooker hood, sink/drainer, combination microwave oven and storage cupboards), a washing machine, and a composting toilet. Lighting is achieved by ultra-efficient LED lights, and the Cube is heated using an Ecodan air-source heat pump, with heat being recovered from extracted air. It has cork flooring and there is two-metre head height throughout.

via Neatorama

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