The Cocky Rooster, A Spicy Sriracha Hot Sauce & Cold Beer Cocktail

The Cocky Rooster

The Cocky Rooster is a super-spicy cocktail by The Kitchn that is made with Sriracha rooster hot sauce, Maggi seasoning sauce, lime, salt, jalapenos and cold beer. The recipe was inspired and adapted from a similar one by New York City Vietnamese eatery, An Choi and one GQ recently published. Anjali Prasertong of The Kitchn describes the cocktail as an “Asian riff on the Mexican michelada, which mixes beer with hot sauce, salt, lime and Worcestershire sauce, and as a lover of Asian condiments…”

photo by Anjali Prasertong via The Kitchn

via The Kitchn

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff