The Cheerful Artist Responsible for Recreating Clowns Onto Eggs for the UK Clown Face Registry

In the United Kingdom there exists an unofficial registry for clown faces. Owned by Clown International, the oldest clown organization in the world, the registry ensures that no two clowns look alike. Clown design records are kept on eggs. Great Big Story visited with Debbie Smith (whose clown name is Jolly Dizzy) the cheerful artist who is responsible for recreating a clown’s submitted likeness onto an egg.

Clowns: love them or hate ‘em, their funny faces are serious business. So serious, in fact, that in England there is an official registry to document and track a clown’s unique makeup. Just as no two people have the same look, no two clowns wear the exact same makeup. No joke, there is even a person responsible for painting every face onto a tiny ceramic egg.

Just a few of the painted eggs for the Clown Egg Registry.