The Casper Napmobile Tour, A Traveling Mattress Center on Wheels Making Its Way to Major East Coast Cities

Casper Tour

Casper, the popular company that’s making a big impression with a new way of shopping for a mattress and the clever way they advertise their products, are now taking their mattresses on a Napmobile tour of several big cities on and around the East Coast of the United States.

We’re putting a nap on wheels and bringing it to a city near you. Nod off in one of the napmobile’s four pods and experience the Casper from the comfort of your hometown.

The schedule is as follows:

Boston – September 11 – 13
Nap Tour - Boston

New York City – September 18 – 19
Nap Tour - NYC

Washington D.C. – September 25 – 27
Nap Tour - DC

Philadelphia – October 2 – 4
Nap Tour - Philly

Nashville – October 16 -18
Nap Tour - Nashville

Atlanta – October 23 – 25
Nap Tour - Atlanta

Miami – October 30 – November 1
Nap Tour - Miami

Nap in Progress

images via Casper

via Casper

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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