The Axiom Chronicles, A Thrilling Sci-Fi Western Animated Series Featuring Outlaws and Robots

The Axiom Chronicles

The talented group of folks at Edison Creative released an amazing 4-minute teaser trailer for The Axiom Chronicles, a new sci-fi western animated series about a “young outlaw, robot overlords and a highly sought-after energy source called the Axiom.” The team of creatives are currently raising funds on Kickstarter to help with production costs and to see their dream project come to life.

On a dystopian planet in the far reaches of the cosmos, an evil sentient mechanical entity known as the Mechno-Hive has enslaved the organic races as their labor force. By controlling an ancient and mysterious crystalline power source known as the Axiom, they exert their tyrannical will on the entire planet. (read more)

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Justin Page
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