The Anonymous Hugging Wall for Social Facilitation & Mood Elevation

guest post by Burstein!

Anonymous Hugging Wall

As part of the her ongoing series Methods & Apparati for Social Facilitation and Mood Elevation, Keetra Dean Dixon has created “The Anonymous Hugging Wall”. It is yet unclear if they come in deluxe form or what their cost may be.

Other parts of the series include the “Full Spectrum Optical Invigoration Unit, Psuedo Simile Guides, and the Colling Inhalation Aid (aka Fridgi-Poofs)”.

Mood Elevation Apparati

Finally, the “Exercises to Stimulate the 42 Smiling Muscles”, which is effectively a wall mounted aid to exercise your smile muscles through the use of phonemes.

Exercises to Stimulate the 42 Smiling Muscles

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