Imaginative Composite Photo Renderings That Merge Various Animals With Unlikely Environments

Digital artist Ted Chin has created a wonderful composite photo series that’s aptly entitled “Ted’s Little Dream” which features imaginatively surreal scenes in which animals of the sky, sea, and earth are paired with very unlikely environments. For example, a giant squid floats over a church steeple above San Francisco, a red fox mingles with fire in the forest, an angler fish grabs hold of a line dangling from the moon, an enormous octopus waits underneath a lonely house, and an iguana becomes one with an evergreen forest, just to name a few.

I find it easier to tell my stories with images rather than words. By using my imagination and photography/photoshop skills, it becomes my passion to recreate and share my surreal fantasy with the world.

I place it into a lifetime project – “Ted’s Little Dream”

via Colossal