Sushi-Themed Suitcase Covers That Make Luggage Look Like Food on a Sushi-Go-Round

sushi suitcases on conveyor belt

Japanese retailer Parco has expanded their line of sushi-themed suitcase covers to include new types of sushi: tako (octopus), ikura (salmon roe), and saba (mackerel). Each suitcase cover slips over a suitcase and leaves openings for the handle and wheels. When luggage is sent through the conveyor belt in baggage claim, the sushi suitcase looks adorably like a sushi-go-round found at Japanese fast-food retaurants.

ikura sushi suitcase cover

tako sushi suitcase cover2

tako sushi suitcase cover

ikura sushi suitcase cover2

saba sushi suitcase cover2

saba sushi suitcase cover

images via Parco

via Entabe, RocketNews24