SuperHappyDevHouse 0x06

SuperHappyDevHouse 0x06

This Saturday, December 10th, is the 6th release candidate of SuperHappyDevHouse, everybody’s favorite geek infused social hackfest. See Jeff’s write-up and the listing for more info on the last SHDH of 2005.

Take off your shoes and code a while or play a fun game of “spot the VC”.

After 5 successful gatherings, the DevHouse has become the Bay Area’s premier event that combines serious and not-so-serious productivity with a fun and exciting party atmosphere. Not to mention our recent addition of Geek Pitches, which has made the DevHouse also function as a mini conference.

This time around, we’ve divided Geek Pitch in two. We’re going to start things off with quick presentations about tools and technology to help you kick ass. After a few we’re going to cut them off so you can focus on development or socializing. Those that take the development route will be given the opportunity to show off what they made later on in the night.

We’re about rapid development, ad-hoc collaboration, and cross pollination. Whether you’re a l33t hax0r, hardcore coder, or passionate designer, if you enjoy software and technology development, SuperHappyDevHouse was made with you in mind.

photo by Scott Beale (the ubiquitous SHDH pile of shoes)