Church of the SubGenius Reunion on Puzzling Evidence

SubGenius Reunion on Puzzling Evidence

Last Friday morning (November 25th), the infamous Church of the SubGenius radio program “Puzzling Evidence” (which I wrote about here) joined forces with Negativland collaborator Don Joyce’s “Over The Edge” for a special 5 hour marathon show from midnight to 5am. Puzzling Evidence regulars Doug Wellman, Hal Robins and Philo Drummond were joined in studio by Ivan Stang and Princess Wei “R.” Doe, who were in town from Cleveland for the thanksgiving holiday. Ivan Stang and Philo Drummond founded The Church of the SubGenius in Dallas back in 1979 and Hal Robins and Doug Wellmen joined soon after. Long-time SubGenius member Michael Peppe show up as well to round out the conversation, so this was a mini-reunion of sorts. To commemorate this occasion, I shot a bunch of photos of the SubGeni mixing it up in the studio as well as some photos of KPFA’s wonderful radio station. Here’s more info on how to support KPFA so wonderful and strange radio programming like Puzzling Evidence and Over The Edge can continue to exist. Praise Bob!

A stereo podcast of this show is available courtesy of Jeff Anton.

Photos from the SubGenius Mini-Reunion on Puzzling Evidence

For more on the The Church of the SubGenius check out, The Office Pulpit of Rev. Ivan Stang blog, Philo Drummond’s “Quivering Brain” website and of course the Wikipedia entry.

photo credit: Scott Beale (clockwise from microphone: Doug Wellman, Princess Wei, Ivan Stang, Philo Drummond, Hal Robins and Micheal Peppe)
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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