Strange Beasts, The Art of Emily the Strange

Strange Beasts

Strange Beasts, a gallery show featuring art inspired by Emily the Strange, opens this Friday, September 7th at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco and runs through September 29th. The show will feature original art by Emily the Strange creator Rob Reger and illustrator Buzz Parker, as well as Emily the Strange art by 18 other artists.

This Strange and Beastly event will be a unique celebration of original art and culture of Emily the Strange. Live performances by local bands Drunk Horse and a Bride of Ozzy reunion will kick off the event. Reger, Parker and most of the other artists will be in attendance. Artists whose work will be on display include Greg Bianchini, Tim Biskup, Brian Brooks, Dan Donahue, Sacha Eckes, Grace Fontaine, David Gardner, Fawn Gehweiler, Maya Hayuk, Jenny Lens, Jason Mecier, Adele Mildred, Mike Moon, Turo Scissorhands, J.Shea, Winston Smith, Noel Tolentino, and Nix Turner. Come see each artists’ varied interpretations of Emily and her world in their own unique style- including painting, sculpture, montage, drawing, sound design, and traditional Mongolian papercuts!

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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