Stock Photos Depicting Real New Yorkers Doing Things

Woman holds up fellow riders while searching for MetroCard.

New York Public Radio WNYC has created a series of 35 stock photos depicting “real New Yorkers doing things” like eating dollar slice pizza, jaywalking with impunity, and dealing with a variety of subway frustrations. The photos are available to share and use freely for non-commercial purposes.

WNYC New Yorker Stock Photo - Mystery Liquid Drips on Man
Man is hit with mystery liquid from the sky.

WNYC New Yorker Stock Photo - Manspreading
Riders are crowded by a jerk “Manspreading.”

WNYC New Yorker Stock Photo - Woman Enjoys Dollar Slice Pizza
A woman enjoys a slice of dollar pizza, one of New York City’s greatest treasures.

WNYC New Yorker Stock Photo - Woman Jaywalks With Impunity
A woman jaywalks with impunity.

photos via WNYC