Split Brain Robotics, Interactive Robots Controlled by the Left and Right Brainwaves of Willing Volunteers

Split Brain Robotics” is a fascinating interactive art project by prolific San Francisco artist Kal Spelletich featuring custom robots who are able to plug into the left and right brainwaves of willing audience participants. Spelletich will be holding live performances of this incredible project over the course of three nights – Friday, April 7th, Saturday April 8the and Sunday April 9th, 2017 at The Lab in San Francisco.

An interactive audience participatory performance installation with two large robots that extend from 8-16 feet tall, each identical, each controlled by the left and right side brainwaves of an audience participant(s). The idea is for volunteers to use their brainwaves to make the two robots move, collaborate, interact with each other and even kiss! (When they do “correctly” interact, symbolic and metaphoric events will happen, activating lights, fog, other robots, sounds, fire.