The Amazing Laser-Like Sounds of Speed Skaters Propelling Themselves Across Fresh Black Ice

Swedish photographer Henrik Trygg captured amazing footage of mathematician and skating enthusiast Mårten Ajne as he gracefully skated across millimeters-thin fresh black ice and the remarkable laser-like sounds reminiscent of old science fiction films and old-school video games that his blades made as they propelled him across the frozen Lissma Kvarnsjö near Stockholm.

This is how 45mm new black ice sounds like. Don’t forget to put on the sound. Recorded on Lissma Kvarnsjö outside Stockholm the 5th of December.

Ajne also shared footage of he and other skaters propelling across 38mm thick black ice in January 2017.

Stampede of 16 skaters on 38 millimeters thin virgin lake ice. Lake Båven, Södermanland, Sweden, the 6th of January 2017.

via Joss Fong, National Geographic, The Kid Should See This