Soulver, A Clever & Simple Calculator App

Soulver is a clever calculator app that can solve math problems involving both numbers and words. For instance “$100 a night x 2 nights” yields the answer “$200.” Soulver mimics how people work out problems on paper and is designed to be less cumbersome than a regular calculator or spreadsheet program. The app can also perform quick conversions of currencies and other units, as well as stock calculations. Watch this demo video to see how easily it works. Soulver is by Australian software studio Acqualia. It is available for Mac, iPad, & iPhone.

With Soulver you can use words alongside your numbers to give them context. Looking back later, your math actually makes sense. After all, we rarely add up pure numbers, but we’re always adding up things.

And when you show it to someone else, it will make sense to them too.

Soulver by Acqualia

via swissmiss

image and video via Acqualia

E.D.W. Lynch
E.D.W. Lynch

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