Son Pays Off His Mom’s House Mortgage For His Birthday

You ask me who my mother is and she’s definitely the strongest person I know.

This heartwarming video follows a young man who has saved his money for the past two and a half years “to do right by a very special woman in my life,” his mother. For his birthday, he went to the bank, paid off her house mortgage, and then presented her with the information. He says, “I just wanted to say that I am by no means a perfect son, for a long period I neglected my mothers needs, I ignored her calls and brushed her off until I needed something,” and furthers, “Just before I started putting money aside my Father passed away, it had a great affect on me because of the kind of person he was. I decided to make a change, value the only parent I had left. I made what little changes I could day to day to make him proud, but her most of all.”

I dont expect everyone to understand but I just wanted to share that, to see what a small gesture can do for those closest to us.

video via iProjectAtlas

via reddit, Most Watched Today