Street Signs Reimagined in an Age of Social Distancing

Social Distanced No Standing Anytime Sign

While going for a run, designer Dylan Coonrad of CannonDesign noticed how the streets of his Brooklyn neighborhood were void of both people and animals. With this in mind, Coonrad created a poignant series of reimagined street signs, both before and after the virus.

I found myself paying attention to the road signs along my route. I’ve seen them countless times, but with each footstep, I really focused on what they were telling me: cross the street, do not enter, no parking, speed bump ahead. These were the rules of the road just weeks ago. Now they’re less important. Today, society needs constant reminders to socially distance, stay home, protect our elders, and much more. It crossed my mind that these universally recognizable street signs could be totems for the messages we need in these unprecedented times.

Social Distanced Bicycle Sign

Social Distanced Central Park Sign

Social Distanced Fire Extinguisher to Hand Sanitizer

Social Distanced Floor Sign

Social Distanced Road Work Sign

Social Distanced Track Crossing Sign

via Untapped New York

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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