A Cleverly Designed Attachable Sensor Device That Automatically Closes a Toilet Seat After 90 Seconds

SmartNudge Toilet Seat Closer

The SmartNudge is a very cleverly designed sensor that attaches to the top of a toilet seat and automatically nudges it closed with a jutting mechanical arm after 90 seconds. This gadget was developed by brothers Michael (in New York) and Petr (in Prague), who both saw a specific niche that needed to be filled with the right approach.

A simple solution to an age-old problem – SmartNudge does what some men don’t – it puts the toilet seat back down. We’ve come up with a solution since he couldn’t – a way to ensure the toilet seat goes back down after each use! …The SmartNudge has an internal motherboard to control its decisions. Each time the seat is put up, it starts counting…. One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand…. For 90 second

The brothers and team are raising funds through Kickstarter in order to bring the SmartNudge to market.

The funds which we raise through this kickstarter will be used to produce the SmartN?dge™ in a large scale production run. As we move from a prototype to full production, we will incur costs ranging from cast mold production to bulk transport. Our Kickstarters will help us fund these initial costs in a big way! In gratitude to “getting in early” we are offering several levels of rewards depending on your pledge.