Slug Benefit


Many of you may know Slug, Rudy Rucker Jr’s big, loyal, lovable dog who goes everywhere with him. You may have seen him at Cyclecide events or as a biofeedback participant in a SEEMEN show. Well Slug is not doing so well. Recently his spleen became so swollen it had to be removed. So to help raise funds for his medical expenses, they’re having a benefit for him this Sunday, July 10th at Atlas Cafe in San Francisco starting at 5:00pm.

Slug is a strong, brave four year old dog. Everyone wants that dog, Slug, around another four or forty years!! Come on by and chip in a few bucks!

We have incurred thousands in medical expenses and could possibly face more. Every dime helps! We want to be poised to throw more money at the SPCA if needed.

UPDATE 1: photos are up on Flickr