Sketch Tuesdays at 111 Minna Gallery

Sketch Tuesdays - R2

Once a month, 111 Minna Gallery off of Second Street in San Francisco transforms into a gigantic makeshift studio for “Sketch Tuesdays”. It’s a live-sketching event and a great way to score artwork directly from local artists at great prices. Seating for monthly guest-sketchers is provided in the center of the room, marked with chalk name-plates. In addition to general boozing and schmoozing, attendees are invited to sketch along as well. The wealth of creativity is astonishing, and the deals are just too good to pass up. This month’s all-star line up included talents such as Mike Giant, Skinner, Ferris Plock, and Nate Van Dyke. I headed out to 111 Minna to cover the event and snag some affordable artwork. DJs Jay Howell (yes, even the DJs are artists) and Ruthie kept the hits flowing while I bumbled through the throngs of art fans. Here’s the photographic evidence:

Sketch Tuesdays - Sketchers

Sketch Tuesdays - Aiyana Udesen and Matt Furie
Artists Aiyana Udesen and Matt Furie.

Sketch Tuesdays - Mike Giant
Artist Mike Giant

Sketch Tuesdays - Ron Turner and Emily Lakin
Last Gasp Publisher Ron Turner never misses Sketch Tuesdays

Sketch Tuesdays - Nate Van Dyke
Artist Nate Van Dyke

Sketch Tuesday - Jesse Balmer, Sagan Quote
I picked up this piece from artist Jessie Balmer after recognizing the Carl Sagan quote from the popular¬† remix video, “A Glorious Dawn”.¬†Apparently we’ve both been humming the tune all week.

There are more photos in my Flickr set here:

Special thanks to Emily Lakin (@hazelbrown) for photographic assistance.

photos by Josh Ellingson

Josh Ellingson
Josh Ellingson

Josh Ellingson lives and works as an illustrator in San Francisco, California. In 1999, Ellingson graduated art school and headed west. Since then, Josh has contributed artwork to popular publications and websites worldwide and worked with clients ranging from toy makers to tequila companies.
In addition to his illustration and design business, Josh Ellingson is the director for The Local 303, a studio/collective of illustrators and designers in San Francisco, California. The Local 303 provides a professional working environment as well as a space for collaboration, critique and art exhibition. Josh Ellingson also contributes editorial writing and reviews to Hi-Fructose, a contemporary art and culture magazine.