Simon Pegg Pranks the ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Film Cast

What started out as a simple joke, turned into an all out prank on the set of Star Trek Into Darkness. Actor Simon Pegg told fellow actor Chris Pine (Captain Kirk) that they had to wear a special “Neutron Cream” while on set to help shield them from small amounts of radiation that were being released. Chris thought the harmless joke was so good that he and Simon both decided to try it out on other cast members. In an interview with E! Online, Benedict Cumberbatch (Khan) explains how he was fooled really good with the neutron cream prank while filming.

“I got on set and was told I needed to wear ‘neutron cream’ to protect me,” Cumberbatch continued. “I was gullible and did what I was told. It’s America and there is a lot of health and safety!” (read more)

Here is Simon Pegg explaining his prank in further detail on an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live:

videos via Angel, The Anglophile and Jimmy Kimmel Live

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