Silvan Audio Workshop, Makers of High-Quality Precision Turntables Built From the Cross Sections of Tree Trunks

Silvan Audio Workshop is a Seattle-based father and son team that creates high-quality precision turntables from the cross section of tree trunks, keeping the bark intact. In spite of the earthy look, the players utilize some extremely high-end components.

The heart of each turntable is components from the legendary English audio wizards at Rega, who have made their reputation as leaders in high end, elegant, incredible sounding audio gear. The glass platter shows off the beautiful wood, but it’s also heavy for speed stability and made for precision.

The record players started life as a hobby, but now the pair is looking to grow their creations into a real business with help from a Kickstarter campaign. As the page notes, the turntables share some clear similarities with the work of New Orleans-based company Audiowood, though Silvan insists that it wasn’t aware of the product until it began production.

Silvan Audio

Silvan Audio

images via Silvan Audio Workshop

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