Shoyu Ramen Burger, A Hamburger With a Ramen Noodle Bun

Ramen Burger

Japanese blogger and chef Keizo Shimamoto has invented the Shoyu Ramen Burger which he describes as a “fresh USDA Prime Burger Maker patty glazed with a secret shoyu sauce and sandwiched between scallions, arugula, and two craftily formed buns made from Sun Noodle’s freshly cut ramen noodles…” It recently debuted at Brooklyn flea food market Smorgasburg, where it sold out very quickly. It’s being reported that this new creation is being called the “new Cronut.”

Ramen Burger


image 1 via Brooklyn Flea, image 2 via Go Ramen!, image 3 via Ramen Burger Facebook page

via Gothamist