Shaped by Time, A Powder-Filled Clock That Shows How Time Changes


Netherlands-based Studio Toer has designed a unique powdered-filled clock that shows how time changes by shaping “itself by the passage of time.” They named it “Shaped by time” and it is available to order from their website. The product’s description doesn’t reveal what the flour-like powder is but states that you can “shake it a bit” to “start all over again with finding its way.”

Because it’s looking for the most efficient way to move itself through the matter it will create an organic form by the slow repetitive movement of time.

Time is slightly visible when the clock starts running, after a few days it excavates itself out of the matter and time will appear. From then on it slowly starts creating it’s organic form in which it will find it’s ideal shape.

…Like time heals wounds, this clock litterly heals itself by time.

Here’s a video of it in action:


Side View

images via Studio Toer