SF Cacophony Society’s 2nd Annual Public Improv Marching Band

Public Marching Band

photo by Rubin Starset

Taking the term “cacophony” in it most literal manifestation, the San Francisco Cacophony Society presents the 2nd Annual Public Improv Marching Band on April 26th.

Bring an instrument, wear a hat! This public marching band is open to everyone, even/especially if you have no musical ability. Instruments can be absolutely anything that makes noise, the louder the better. Hats are anything that goes on your head. Our motley band will blast it’s way through the Mission district.

Last year’s Public Marching Band event was silly fun. Join this one and make it an awesome San Francisco tradition with all the joyful consequences! The music starts this Sunday, April 26th, 4pm in Dolores Park @ 19th St near the bell.