Scientific Magnetic Thinking Putty, Playful Silly Putty That Stretches, Bounces, and Reacts to Magnets

Magnetic Thinking Putty

Scientific magnetic thinking putty is a playful variation of silly putty that stretches, bounces, and reacts to magnets thanks to embedded magnetic particles. The putty comes with a super-strong neodymium magnet that can be used to interact with the material, or let the putty slowly engulf it over several minutes.

You thought putty was just for smooshing around and relieving stress, did you? Well, it is still for that, but Scientific Magnetic Thinking Putty takes it a step further. It’s still viscoelastic for all the funky stretching and stress-relieving, but this putty is embedded with magnetic properties, meaning you can use it on your fridge to hang magnets, too.

Magnetic Putty Swallowing a Magnet

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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