Russian Band Performing on a Motorcycle Riding Down Highway

Aleksandr Ishutin and his Russian bandmates took their show on Moscow’s Third Ring Road in this souped up motorcycle that includes a stage for a sidecar. The video titled The Bremen Town Musicians Today refers to a popular 1969 Russian animated musical titled Bremenskiye musykanty which features a traveling rock-n-roll band.

A rough translation gives us this information:

The Bremen Town Musicians. Today.

Motorcycle with a drum kit built biker Moscow Alexander Ishutin. Musician, businessman and simply fascinated by people,? he believes that Moscow is less and less remains for something unusual. Alexander recalls how in the 90s to the observation deck, which traditionally brings together all the capital’s bikers were coming really unusual vehicles. Now, in his opinion, the main trend – go to the Motobike Salon, buy a big bike and did not alter it.

via Rick Abruzzo

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff