ROFLCon 3 Will Take Place April 2012 In Cambridge, MA


The organizers of ROFLCon, an epic conference on internet culture, have just announced ROFLCon 3, which will take place April 2012 in Cambridge, MA. Here are my photos from ROFLCon and ROFLCon II.

The first ROFLCon took place on April 2008, ROFLCon II took place on April 2010. Accordingly, we’re now thinking that ROFLCon III will be happening in Cambridge, MA on April 2012. In addition to an obsessive love of neat and tidy scheduling — we kind of like the added perspective of doing it every other year and bringing you only the best of the internets, like the Olympics or something. Besides, there’s always the slim chance of the Mayans being right and us avoiding the whole hubblaboo of conference planning altogether.

photo by Scott Beale